1812 Burial Project

3,339 VETERANS of the WAR of 1812 BURIED in VIRGINIA

Compiled by War of 1812 Society in VA as of 12 June 2010
Contact Mike Lyman for details. (Note as of December 2011 the list has increased to 4270 burials in Virginia and in doing so some up-dating of what is posted here has been done and some names posted here have been eliminated. A publication is pending for 2012)

Links to PDF files comprising the 1812 Burial Project are below.





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3 Responses to 1812 Burial Project

  1. Nancy Canova says:

    I am trying to document exactly who Captain Andrew Lewis, 121st Regiment of Virginia Militia from Botetourt County, was. Is He Andrew Lewis, Jr., son of Gen Andrew Lewis of Salem?

    Nancy Canova

  2. Christos Christou Jr. says:

    My ancestor Benjamin Berry had a marker dedicated by the VA 1812 Members and is not on this list. Benjamin Berry. Pvt. Capt. Walton’s NJ Militia Capt. Harrison’s VA Militia (Amer. Rev.) 1758-Dec. 14 1834. I had this marker placed at Keezletown Cemetery and dedicated on August 4, 2007.

    • Christos Christou Jr. says:

      Sorry I provided the wrong man. That was for the American Revolution. The 1812 ancestor was his son John S. Berry.
      John S. Berry Pvt. Daniel Matthews Co 116 VA Militia War of 1812 1789-Sep 7 1874. I had this marker placed at Keezletown Cem. and dedicated on August 4, 2007.

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