Encounters With the British in Virginia during the War of 1812

1812 Chronological list of encounters revised 7 Dec 2010

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  1. David L. Wood says:

    I have some questions: a relative of mine JAMES WOOD died 17 Jan. 1848 at Sabula, Jackson County, Iowa leaving a widow MARGARET PAYNE WOOD. Margaret filed for a federal Bounty Land Warrant declaring that her husband had served as a Private in Captain Woodings company of the 4th Regiment, Virginia militia during the War of 1812. The General Land Office issued a Warrant (No. 23412) on 13 July 1853 for 80 acres of land in Scott County, Iowa this Margaret assigned to a Phillip Brady who received a patent to the land. I have already contacted the National Archives and received a copy of James’ Military Service Record. He served from 3 November 1814 to 31 January 1815. Can you tell me where James lived when he enlisted? Where did he serve and in what capacity? I hope your Society’s records will supply me with some answers. Thank you!

    • Mike says:

      Please look at the service record again you procured. According to the Bounty land Warrant and pension records (Virgil White pg 1859), he served as a Private in Captain John Pitzer’s Co from Harrison County, VA (now West Virginia) and after arriving in Norfolk was attached to the 4th VA Militia Regiment commanded by Lt Col Thomas H. Wooding. This unit was stationed in one the Militia camps in the back of Fort Norfolk and saw no action as the Brtiish did not attack Norfolk because it was so well defended.

      Now Virgil White’s book (1992 edition), only gives information from what is shown on microfilm on the record jacket index at NARA so you should send for the contents. His spouse Margaret applied and received the bounty land warrant. It indicates his record is in the Old War files WF-#11869. This indicates he was disabled or died during the service period. A lot of the men died from disease in camps surrounding Fort Norfolk during this period

      At the NARA website download NATFform 80 and mail to References Services Branch (NNIR), General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20408. According to the Index to War of 1812 Pension Files, M312, his record should be in roll 101

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