Membership Requirements

Below are the fees and the guidance for completing and forwarding an application



A male person of age eighteen or older of good moral character and reputation that is recommended by a Society member and is also acceptable by the officers of the Society and who provides acceptable bloodline proof that he descends from a lineal descendant of an ancestor that served in the military during the war period 19 June 1812 to 18 February 1815 or who served in the Battle of Tippecanoe on 7 Nov 1811 or who is a descendant of the President of the US, the Secretary of War or State or of the Navy or from a Governor of any state or territory of the US from 7 Nov 1811 to 18 July 1815. If a failure to find a lineal descendent of the above then one collateral ancestor of the applicant is acceptable that had the above service provided that the applicant descends from a brother or sister of the one who had the acceptable military service.

 Contact the Society Registrar, Hugh Markham <>  Here is the application form you can e-mail to him after you have completed it  1812 Application v2012-09-22 Dec 2012
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  1. Roy A. Martin, Jr. says:

    I was wondering if you could email detailed information about becoming a member of the Virginia State Society. For instance, what are the fees? Do I use the form found on the national website? Does the Virginia Society have a particular way they want the application filled out? Although my War of 1812 Ancestor was a Virginian and I was born in Fredericksburg, I now live in Florida. Should I be applying here instead or should I pursue membership in the Virginia Society? Thank you for any answers you can give me. Roy

  2. Mike says:

    Mike Lyman
    webmaster chairman

  3. Paul Chase says:

    I am a member of the SAR and have found that the son of my Revolutionary War ancestor (Silas French) fought in the War of 1812. Does this disqualify me for membership in the Society of the War of 1812?

    • Paul Bess says:


      Why should having a registered bloodline through the SAR “disqualify” your eligibility to become a member of the Society of thr War of 1812 in Virginia?

      If you actually descend from the son of your SAR Patriot Ancestor, that only strengthens your lineage. Please contact our Registrar…



    • Mike says:

      Being a member of the SAR that has an 1812 veteran in the same bloodline to the Revolutionary war patriot does not make you automatically a member of the War of 1812 Society. Submitting an application to become a member of the War of 1812 Society is required. The process is made easy for you, however as the documentation for each generation that you used for your SAR application can be attached to your 1812 application. You may join the Virginia society even though you do not reside in Virginia or your 1812 ancestor was not in Virginia.

      Mike Lyman
      Past President War of 1812 Society in Virginia

  4. James Douglas Bowling says:

    I am trying to fill out the application for The Society of the War of 1812 in Virginia online like the instructions say and it won’t allow me to fill in the information. I can fill in the information on the General Site. My ancestor was from Maryland but I live in Virginia does it matter which State I apply to? Can I fill in the information on the general site and then mail it with proofs and money to you?

  5. Laura J. Allen says:

    I am requesting information on my great great great grandfather Lt. Colonel Griffin Taylor who resided at Soldiers Rest in Clark County, Virginia. Thank you.

    • Mike says:

      This is the information I have on him in the “Burials of War of 1812 Veterans in the Commonwealth of Virginia”: TAYLOR, Griffin; b 10 Mar 1786; d 1818, Clifton, Frederick Co RU: Colonel, 1st VMR CEM: Grace Episcopal; Clarke; 110 N Church St, Berryville GS: Y SP: mar in Frederick Co on 10 Sep 1789 to Mary McKennon VI: Son of William Taylor and Catherine Bushrod. Also served as Commander of 31st VMR, Frederick Co. Commissioned Lt Col 02 Dec 1804. Served as Justice of Peace of Frederick Court 1795-1813. Magistrate in Winchester. He died at the home of his daughter at “Clifton” P: None BLW: No PH: N SS: A rec 615; B pg 78 BS: 86 pg 14; 92 pg 39; 245.

      Stuart Butler’s “Guide to VA Militia Units During the War of 1812” pages 22 and 247 indicates that the First VA Regiment that he commanded during the Battle of Baltimore was at Ferry Point in Maryland, which was about two miles West of Fort McHenry. It was stationed there to guard against a British attempt to land in that area. As Regimental Commander he commanded eleven companies from the Frederick County, VA area.
      Butler in his book, “Defending the Old Dominion: Virginia and Its Militia in the War of 1812” pages 466, 468, and 546 gives quite a bit of detail about his service and that he was praised by General Winder
      Mike Lyman

      • Laura J. Allen says:

        Thank you very much for your information. It was very helpful. He is buried in the Grace Episcopal Church cemetary in Berryville, Virginia.

  6. Ken Williamson says:

    I am completing the application for my direct ancestor John Walter Harbin. I understand that it is also possible to apply for his brother Resin Harbin, both of which served in the 1st Maryland Militia. What is the procedure to apply for both ancestors?

    • Mike says:

      Ken: You can only submit a supplemental application from some one you directly descend from, with the exceptions below. Thus, since your direct ancestor John has 1812 service you can not submit an application for for his brother Resin as you do not descend directly from him.

      Exception:If say through another parent or grandparent you directly descend from Resin as well as John you could. Or if through another parent or grandparent you descend from a sister or different brother of Resin you could if they did not have 1812 service.

      Another Exception: If you descend from another family that has a son or daughter that you directly descend from that did not have 1812 service, but a brother or sister of these did, you could use one of these that had 1812 service as a collateral ancestor.

      Mike Lyman
      Past President War of 1812 Society in VA

  7. Darren John Guillot says:

    My 5th great grandfather (Jean Michel Guillot) was captain of the 7th regiment , LeBoef’s Louisiana Militia (under Gen. Jacques Villere) at the Battle of New Orleans. I reside in Virginia, but am a native Of Louisiana. If I applied for consideration for membership, would I apply to the Virginia Society?


    • Mike says:

      Yes please file an application to become a member of the Virginia society. It is very appropriate since you reside here. Where your ancestor had service does not matter. See the membership portion of this website for the on-line application and the procedures to follow

      Mike Lyman

  8. William Simmons says:

    I have an ancestor with documented War of 1812 service and I also have the proof of lineage to him. I would like to fill out an membership application. What are the fees and do I send them with my application and if so who do I make the check out to? Thanks

    Billy Simmons

    • Mike says:


      My name is Chuck Poland and I’m the Registrar for the Society of the War of 1812 in Virginia. I recently received your inquiry on the application process for the Society of the War of 1812, forwarded from our website.

      You can obtain an electronic application at: Please click the link for the membership application.

      Below are the instructions for completion of the application and application process. The instructions outline the fees and the types of acceptable proof documentation.

      I will do everything I can to help you with the process.

      For additional information on the Society of the War of 1812 please visit: Details about membership requirements are on this site.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Chuck Poland
      Society of the War of 1812 in Virginia

      The Virginia Registrar shall provide access to the lineage application of this Society in a computer generated format. Once completed, submit the application, electronically, to the Virginia Registrar, and one set of proofs via postal mail.

      SIGNATURES, FEES AND SUBMISSION: After review by the Virginia Registrar, the applicant will be notified to submit final paperwork. The applicant shall read, date and sign the declaration and return the two original applications, printed front and back on acid free paper, to the Virginia Registrar (my name and address shown below). The application process requires a proposer and a second to sign the application. If you do not have a proposer; I will take care of obtaining a signature for you and I will sign as a second. Two checks need to be sent with the applications:

      1. $75 to “Society of the War of 1812 in Virginia”
      2. $12 to “General Society of the War of 1812”

      LINEAGE: Begin with yourself as applicant (1.) and complete the lineage down to, and including, your War of 1812 ancestor. Use full names, not just initials. Each generation should include the location (e.g., Warsaw, Richmond Co., VA) and date (e.g., 05 Jul 1800) for each event (birth, marriage, death) including the ancestor and his/her spouse when known. If a specific entry is unknown, or cannot be proven, please leave it blank.

      SPECIAL NOTE: In the “Personal Family Information” section (the last section of the application) the grandfather’s name and grandmother’s name and date/place of marriage should be the applicant’s other grandparents that were not cited in the “Affidavit” section of the application.

      PROOFS: Documentary proof must be provided for each entry (name, date and place) in the candidate’s lineage worksheet. Give full source citations of documentation under the “Authorities as to Service” and “Authorities as to Descent” headings for each corresponding generation. If a document references more than one generation, type the proof citation for each generation it references. Published books and Bibles, whether photocopied from a hard copy, microfilm, or fiche, must include a photocopy of the title page and copyright/publishers data. Do not send illegible proofs of any type. A full ‘authorities’ citation is shown as: author/compiler, full title, volume, edition, (city/state where published: publishers name), page number. The responsibility for proving all statements pertaining to genealogy and service rests with the applicant. References are to be cited which will PROVE the applicant’s claim for each generation. Proof of parentage for each generation, including the applicant, is essential i.e., that the person named first in a generation was the child of the couple named in the following generation.
      Some acceptable examples for proofs:

      1. Vital records such as certificates of birth (BC), baptism, marriage (MC) or death (DC)
      2. Published family genealogies, but only those generations where statements are documented by reference to primary source material and where the quality of work is acceptable to the Society’s genealogist.
      3. Newspaper items reproduced by photocopy must show the masthead, date, and page on which the article appears. Newspaper items are not always in themselves sufficient and may require supporting evidence.
      4. Bible records, if photocopied, must include the title page so that the place and date of printing are clearly shown. A statement as to the ownership and present whereabouts of the bible must accompany the exhibit. As an alternative, a certified transcription may be offered, but it must identify the owner and current location.
      5. Church records, if photocopied, must include the title page. If in microfilm printout, it must be identified as to film number, institution where secured, and certified as being in that institutions’ collection. A certified transcript of the original document may be submitted by a church official or church letterhead and with the appropriate church seal.
      6. Tombstone inscriptions may be submitted in photo form, or, if there is a Cemetery Association, a transcription of the records of the Association’s records on its stationery and with an authorized signature may be submitted. If a photo, the photo should show the location of the cemetery (state, county, township, street) and the location within the cemetery. It must be certified by the applicant ascribing his name to the back of the photo.
      7. Court records such as probate, orphans, land, common pleas, etc., which may pertain to the applicant or his ancestors may be submitted as certified transcriptions or photocopies. These must identify the book, page number and/or document file number and the state and county location of the court. The document (or photocopy) must show the official stamp of the court.
      8. Census records are normally acceptable. They must be clearly legible and state the copy or printout, the date of the census, state, county, township, reel number, page and line numbers. If a transcription is offered instead of a printout, it should include the same information as above, and it should be witnessed and signed by at least one disinterested person.
      9. Records of military service may be found at the National Archives, Washington, D.C. or at a local branch. State archives and libraries as well as libraries of counties and historical and genealogical societies frequently have published records of their militia rolls, muster rolls, payrolls, pension and bounty land applications. The applicant should indicate his source on proofs submitted.

      If I can be of any assistance through this process, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  9. David Embre says:

    I became a member of the Society of the War of 1812 in Maryland this year and would to join the Virginia Society since my Patriot Ancestor was from Virginia. What paper do I need to fill out and would the cost be $75.00


    • Mike says:

      DAVE: We need a letter from MD stating that you are a member in good standing. You
      must pay Virginia 2014 dues of $15. General Society dues for 2014 you have already paid probably, or if not, need to pay through the MD Society,.
      You will not need to pay an application processing fee, however you or the MD Society will need to provide us with a copy of your approved application.

      And most of all we welcome you to the Virginia Society

      Mike Lyman
      Past President

  10. Josh Wilberger says:

    I only recently discovered in the midst of SAR research that I have an ancestor who fought in the War of 1812, with the 16th Regiment (Porter’s) Kentucky Militia. I’m working on finding how we are related, though I would be him to be an uncle several generations back.

    What resources would one recommend for searching KY? If he’s who I think he is, he would have indeed been in that area after moving from Rockingham Co., VA. I have a record copy from

  11. I recently had a War of 1812-14 veterans marker erected for my husband’s g-g-g-grandfather Grief Price who served in the 19th regiment, Ambler’s VA Militia. How do I go about finding out more about this regiment? At this point, I know where Grief died (he died in Nashville, TN in 1829) and I *think* he was born in Henrico, VA…but I haven’t been able to confirm his place of birth or his parents.

    If you can direct me in this quest, I would greatly appreciate it. If I can get enough information, I would very much like to get my husband’s ancestor registered with your organization. Thank you.

    • Mike says:

      Christine: The 19th Virginia Militia Regiment was assigned to Richmond City, Virginia. Author, Stuart L Butler’s book, “A Guide to Virginia Militia Units in the War of 1812” New Papyrus Publishing, Athens, GA, pub 2011 has three pages on the regiment and the company sized units assigned to it and where and when each company served. To determine what company of the regiment he served in you would need to go to the NARA (National Archives Records Administration) website and order his service records. Once you determine the company he served in from the service record, again get the details in Butler’s book of where this company served.

      Mike Lyman, Past President Society War of 1812 in VA

  12. Travis Toombs says:

    I have recently come across two of my ancestors from southern Dinwiddie County Virginia whom I think were brothers and both of whom served in the 83rd Regiment Virginia Militia and the 6th Regiment Virginia Militia. Wiley Parsons and Thomas Parsons. I can not find much information online for these two regiments and was hoping you could tell me something about them. I intend on going to the Library of Virginia sometime in June to take a look at the Stuart Lee Butler book Guide to Virginia Militia Units in the War of 1812, but I will not have time until then. All I have found is 2 General Index Cards for each from

    Thank you for any help you can give me,
    Best Regards,
    Travis Toombs

    • Mike says:

      Yes, both Thomas and Wiley Parsons were serving in both 1813 and 1814 in companies of the 83rd VA Regt assigned to Dinnwiddie County, VA. You are correct that one of the companies that they were both in was further attached to the 6th VA Regt after they arrived in the Norfolk area. Butler”s Guide, 2d edition 2011, pages 65, 66, 230 and 232 shows the dates and places of service and names the company commanders. But they were also in several other companies during these two years as shown in the VA Muster and payrolls. These may be seen on-line at the Library of VA website On this page open Images and Indexes and scroll to the database, “Index to War of 1812 Pay Rolls and Muster Rolls – A fully-searchable personal name index to Pay Rolls of Militia Entitled to Land Bounty Under the Act of Congress of Sept. 28, 1850 and its supplement, Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War of 1812.” Approximately 40,000 names are indexed, but this index only contains men paid by Virginia.
      At the National Archives will be those paid by the Federal government.The two Parson brothers were on some assignments paid by both depending where their company was further attached. When at Norfolk, attached to the 6th Regiment, they were paid by the Federal Government and were in Captain Theodrick Walker’s Company. The service records at National Archives (NARA) are not on-line but may be ordered or viewed by a visit there.

      Mike Lyman
      Past President, War of 1812 Society in VA

  13. Shirlee Staires-Smith says:

    WOW I love your site. While it doesn’t give me what I was looking for, the wealth of info is amazing and I’ve been stuck here for hours reading.
    I’ve been trying to learn what all the abbreviations mean on my military man’s record. He severed pre The 1812 War (1808-1809) out of Charlottesville, Virginia and then again (1814-1819) out of Spartanburg, SC.
    I now know when it says sick – what he may have been sick from, yellow fever, small pox, camp fever, or measles. It appears he spent more time sick than in battle.
    Looking at Richard Steers/Stears DOB 1789 severed 4/4/1808 Charlottesville, VA to 12/20/1809. And 9/24/1814 Spartanburg, SC to 9/29/1819 discharge term expired. (not sure why but “18th made 4th after 5/14/1815” is shown after his discharge date).

    • Mike says:

      Shirlee: The war period includes year 1814 and the period in 1815 until Congress approved the treaty so your ancestor had War of 1812 service in South Carolina.The word is served not severed. Apparently after the war ended the 18th SC Regiment was changed to the 4th Regiment

      Mike Lyman

  14. Kate Rosengard says:

    I just discovered on the Ancestry site that when she was 92 my great great grandmother was the last person alive receiving a widow’s pension from the War of 1812. A newspaper article was shown and also information about her husband’s regiment. My question is, do prospective members of the society have to be male? (I’m not.) Thank you. ~Kate

    • Mike says:

      Kate: Yes the War of 1812 society is only for male descendants of 1812 veterans. The U.S. Daughters of 1812, will I’m sure, accept your application. The Virginia Society of the daughters is very active as well as several other state societies. Contact the General Society at and then click on the state society where you reside for the application form

      Mike Lyman

  15. NORMAN C VADEN JR says:


    • Mike says:

      Norman: We would very much desire you to become a member. Please contact our Registrar, Hugh Markham at for an application package. The application he will send you can be filled out on the computer and if you provide the supporting proofs of your bloodline to him for each generation from you to your 1812 ancestor, Richard Marshall you may be approved real soon. If part of your line to Richard Marshallis on your SAR application you may use those proofs.

      Mike Lyman
      Past President

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