Society Officers & Committee Chiefs FY2013-FY2014


1812 Gen Ord 2013-2014 – 2 without addresses

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  1. Christos Christou Jr. says:

    Please contact me. We cannot reach your VA officers and two emails have bounced back.

  2. (Nelson) Pierce Eichelberger says:

    I am considering placing applications for supplemental memberships based on descent from additional ancestors. What is the fee for each?
    Thank You,
    Pierce Eichelberger

    • Mike says:

      Nelson: Sorry for the delay but wanted to be sure I gave you and other visitors the correct amounts and how to make out the checks.
      The supplemental fees are:

      $20.00 Check payable to the “General Society of the War of 1812”
      $20.00 Check payable to the “Society of the War of 1812 in Virginia”
      Mike Lyman

  3. LTC Mike Binetti says:

    Trying to make contact for the annual presentation of Army ROTC Award.

  4. Patricia Riter says:

    I work for the York Co. Public Library. We are participating in the Library of Virginia’s Localities Scanning Project and have a document that your organization holds the copyright to. We are seeking to obtain permission to scan this document for preservation purposes (1 copy for us & 1 for the Lib. of Virginia). “War of 1812 Veteran Burials at St. John’s Episcopal Church Graveyard, Richmond, VA” by Myron (Mike) E. Lyman, Sr. How can we contact someone regarding this? Thank you, Pat

    • Mike says:

      The York County Public Library has permission from me the author and the War of 1812 Society in the Commonwealth of Virginia to scan the document.However, recent up-dates, dated February 2014, to the Society’s book, “Burials of War of 1812 Veterans in the Commonwealth of Virginia” may reflect some minor changes to the listing. This book with up-dates is available from the Society by contacting me directly at Appendix A to the book lists burials by county and city locations which may be useful to your library users.

      Myron (Mike) E. Lyman, Sr

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