War of 1812 Society in VA Constitution & Bylaws

VA Society War of 1812 Constitution & Bylaws

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  1. Michael L. Wood says:

    I’m currently restoring an old family cemetery in Louisa County, Va., and would like information regarding purchasing a grave marker (the type which are metal and are staked into the ground, usually in front of a headstone) for a War of 1812 veteran. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Michael Wood

    • Mike says:

      If you would apply and become a member of the War of 1812 society in Virginia the Society would purchase the grave marker for you from the General Society for $45. Once you have installed the marker, as a member the Society would schedule and conduct an unveiling ceremony using other members of the Society to assist.
      I’m the grave marking chairman for the Society and would prepare the ceremony.
      Without being a member, contact President Dickie by e-mail at reapdickie1@verizon.net to see if he will sell you a grave marker for $45 plus postage
      Mike Lyman

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